Resources on Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

Does Sustainability Generate Better Financial Performance? review, meta-analysis, and propositions
Ulrich Atz, Tracy Van Holt, Zongyuan Zoe Liu & Christopher C. Bruno (2022)

ESG and Financial Performance: Uncovering the Relationship by Aggregating Evidence from 1,000 Plus Studies Published between 2015-2020
NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business (2021)

Robustness of the Corporate Social and Financial Performance Relation
Timo Busch & Gunnar Friede (2018)

Resources on Minimizing Fossil Fuel Exposures

Examining The Impact of Fossil Fuel Divestment on University Endowments [pdf]
Christopher J. Ryan & Christopher R. Marsicano (January 2020)

The Alleged Perils of Divestment from The Race of Our Lives Revisited [pdf]
Jeremy Grantham, GMO Whitepaper (2018)