Investment Impacts of Covid-19

We all face considerable challenges in this environment, but there are things we can do to protect our society and our investment portfolios from the worst potential outcomes.

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Investment Impacts of Covid-19

Crafting a Resilient Portfolio: Preparing for Post Covid Markets

Scott Clemons, Chief Investment Strategist, and Suzanne Brenner, Chief Investment Officer, of Brown Brothers Harriman (CIG’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) discuss strategies for positioning Episcopal Church Endowments’ portfolios to adjust to our dramatically changed investment landscape (1 hour – slides available upon request).

A Message from JoAnn Hanson

Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response

A group of 195 long-term institutional investors representing over $4.7trillion USD in assets under management with global exposure across capital markets has issued an Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response. The Church Investment Group is a signatory of this statement.

Investor Statement on Covid-19