Ethical Investing with CIG

CIG offers an array of ethically-informed investment products designed for the Episcopal Church that offer returns comparable to conventional investment approaches.

  • An Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Multi-Asset Fund which makes investments in equities and bonds that meet positive ethical criteria including sustainable environmental practices, responsible employment practices, and best corporate governance practices.
  • A Fossil-Fuel Free Environmental, Social and Governance Multi-Asset Fund which invests using ESG criteria for equities and bonds and excludes investments in the companies with the largest fossil fuel reserves.
  • Managed Separate Accounts for larger endowments – ESG investment options are available.

CIG has worked with all of its clients to adopt ethical investment policies and ESG investment strategies. CIG meets with Dioceses and endowed parishes, as well as participating in forums such as the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes and Council of Diocesan Executives, to educate Episcopal endowments as to the advantages, ethically and financially, of adopting ESG investment approaches and employing CIG’s full time investment management.