Join Investors and Companies to Protect the Freedom to Invest Responsibly

In a new statement from Ceres, Investors and Businesses Call on Policymakers to Protect the Freedom to Invest Responsibly, signatories, including Church Investment Group, reminded policymakers that they must be free to consider all material financial risks and opportunities to plan for the long-term and build a stronger, more resilient economy. Building profitable …

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WSJ: ESG Investing Is Consistent With Fiduciary Duty

The Wall Street Journal has published an opinion piece from Al Gore and David Blood where they argue that ESG investing is consistent with the fiduciary duty that investment professionals owe their clients.

They state:

No matter your investment strategy, timely access to accurate and comprehensive information is critical. Transparency enables investors to make informed

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Letter to SEC supporting rule changes

Church Investment Group president JoAnn Hanson has written to Vanessa Countryman, secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission to express strong support for the proposed rule changes to the three bases for exclusion in the Commission’s Rule 14a-8 proposed in Exchange Act Release No. 95267, “Substantial Implementation, Duplication, and Resubmission of Shareholder Proposals Under Exchange …

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Investor Letter on Ukrainian Conflict

We, the 56 undersigned investors and their representatives with more than 1.7 trillion USD in combined assets under management or advisement, strongly condemn the Russian military invasion and ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine. We unequivocally support the Ukrainian people, their protections under international humanitarian law, and their recognized rights to life, freedom, democracy, and …

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Five Questions with JoAnn Hanson

Recently financial services firm Brown Brothers Harriman spoke with Church Investment Group President and CEO JoAnn Hanson as part of their “Five Questions with” series. In this segment, Hanson spoke about the organization’s interest in sustainable investing as well as her lessons for young people.

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Climate Change – It is in all our hands now


Climate Change is real. It is gaining momentum, and we will be hard pressed to limit warming to 2 degrees by 2050, let alone 2030. We need to contemplate how we invest and how we live.

Climate Change Week September 20 – 26th highlights that …

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CIG Issues Statement Regarding Climate Change Disclosure

The Church Investment Group has released a letter to Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, regarding investor interest in the financial impact of climate change and the need for climate-related financial disclosure.

CIG believes that the risks associated with climate change and the necessary related climate transitions are material and significant. Better …

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CIG Submits Comments on Universal Proxy Cards

The Church Investment Group has submitted comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission supporting the proposal to amend proxy rules. Specifically, CIG supports the Commission’s proposal to eliminate the requirement to obtain a nominee’s consent to be named on a proxy card in contested elections and allow shareholders to vote for their preferred combination of …

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CIG Signatory to Call for Methane Regulation

Inaction will leave investors and oil and gas companies vulnerable to climate and reputational risks

As the Biden administration prepares to revise federal methane regulations, 147 oil and gas industry investors representing $5.35 trillion in assets under management signed on to a statement calling for comprehensive regulations to curb dangerous GHG emissions — and more …

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An Earth Day Invitation from Church Investment Group

Taking Actions to Restore Our World

Earth Day, April 22, 2021

This year, the theme – Restore Our Earth – could not be more relevant to this moment and to our

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but in reality, every day is Earth Day as we examine and realign how
we live, …

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