Investment Impacts of Covid-19

We all face considerable challenges in this environment, but there are things we can do to protect our society and our investment portfolios from the worst potential outcomes.

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An “Environmental, Social, and Governance” Approach to Investing

In the Episcopal New Yorker, W. Allen Barnett discusses the history of “Environmental, Social, and Governance” investing, why it makes sense for The Episcopal Church, and how Church Investment Group can assist in developing and implementing an ESG investment strategy.

Dioceses, parishes and organizations across The Episcopal Church are called to manage their resources wisely and ethically so that the Church can do God’s work now and in the future.

The Church Investment Group (CIG) believes that what investors call an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach to investing can play a fundamental role in Episcopal Church investments because it allows Episcopal endowments to achieve competitive investment returns while at the same time providing a framework for ethical investment decisions.

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